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We all love sugar

but too much sugar can be harmful for our health:

Sugar contains
many calories
Sugar has a strong effect on our
blood sugar level
Sugar causes

Take control of your sugar-free future. What is your goal?

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With Xucker you can enjoy sweets

Live healthy without giving up pleasure..

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We understand how hard it can be, to give up sugar.

Banning sugar from your diet is not that easy. Sugar is hidden in many foods. The information of the food industry is often misleading.

We want you to eat sweet and healthy food

That's the reason why we have been offering sugar alternatives such as xylitol and erythritol for over 10 years now. Besides that, we offer a wide range of popular sweets and other products that are almost entirely sugar-free.

Xucker is the most popular sugar alternative across Europe now.

Besides our online shop, you can find Xucker in many grocery- and drug-stores such as Edeka, Rewe, DM and Rossmann.

Switching from sugar to Xucker is very easy:

The best about Xucker is that you can use it just like normal sugar.

1. order or purchase

You can easily order Xucker online or buy it in many grocery stores.

2. replace sugar with Xucker

Use Xucker in cooking, baking or sweetening. Easy to use.

3. enjoy with a clear conscience

Less sugar is good for your health and saves calories.

Learn more about living without sugar and discover the best recipes