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What is erythritol and what benefits does it have for you?

Erythritol is the perfect sugar alternative: calorie-free, tooth-friendly, made from natural raw materials, free of genetic engineering and the ideal sweetener for all those who want to give up sugar and excess calories completely - and still want to enjoy sweets!

Erythritol is is therefore especially popular with fitness-fansweight loss enthusiasts and also diabetics . Thanks to its good tolerance, erythritol lacks the usual side effects of sugar substitutes, making it a real alternative to unhealthy household sugar.

Our erythritol is called Xucker Light – the natural, calorie-free and light sugar alternative. Try it out!

How to use erythritol

Want to sweeten desserts and hot drinks without calories? Just use our sweetener erythritol. The crystalline tabletop sweetener is called Xucker Light. You can use our powdered sugar for baking. And with Xucker Bronxe, you can add a delicious caramel note to tea, roasted almonds or popcorn. Erythritol, a sugar alcohol, is naturally produced by fermenting sugar, much like beer and wine. Want to bake with erythritol? Then use crystalline erythritol (Xucker Light) for moist cakes like cheesecake. For more dry shortcrust and sponge cakes, use ground erythritol, which is available as powdered erythritol. You can find numerous delicious creations in our recipe section .

The production of erythritol

Erythritol is obtained from natural and renewable raw materials. Plants with a high starch content are almost always used for this purpose. Their starch is processed into glucose syrup, which is fermented into erythritol in large tanks, just as grape must is turned into wine in wine production. In nature, erythritol is found in some fruits (e.g. watermelon, pear, grape), mushrooms, fermented foods (soy sauce, rice wine, beer) and cheese. Your own body also makes small amounts of erythritol every day.

We use only non-GMO raw materials for our Xucker Light and bottle our sweeteners in our own production facility in Berlin.

Why you tolerate erythritol particularly well

Compared to sweeteners such as sorbitol, maltitol and isomalt, erythritol is considered a well-tolerated sweetener. Due to its particularly high digestive tolerance (tolerance in the intestine), hardly any flatulence, abdominal pain or diarrhea occur with erythritol - unlike with other sugar alcohols. About 90 percent of erythritol is absorbed through the small intestine and excreted unchanged through the kidneys.

We call erythritol Xucker Light

... or Xucker Bronxe or Powdered Xucker and is a great, because calorie-free sugar alternative, which has about 70 % of the sweetening power of Xucker Premium (xylitol) or sugar. Xucker Light is the perfect sweetener for anyone who wants to sweeten drinks or food without calories.

Erythritol for diabetes

Eating foods/drinks that contain erythritol instead of sugar causes blood sugar levels to rise less after eating them than when eating foods/drinks that contain sugar. Since calorie-free foods do not contain energy, they cannot be converted to blood sugar. So if you're diabetic, you'll find Xucker Light, Xucker Bronxe and Powdered Xucker a very good sweetener that you can use to sweeten almost anything without harming your health. Great, right? Try it out right away!

Now also in organic quality >> Xucker Bio Light

* Consumption of foods/drinks containing erythritol instead of sugar induces a lower blood glucose rise after their consumption compared to sugar-containing foods/drinks and contributes to the maintenance of tooth mineralisation.