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Low sugar biscuits and pastries with xylitol.

Flave Powder Strawberry & Vanilla Set (Geschmackspulver)
€16.99 *
Content: 0.24 kg (€70.79 / 1 kg)
Flave Powder Strawberry (Geschmackspulver)
€8.99 *
Content: 0.12 kg (€74.92 / 1 kg)
Flave Powder Vanilla (Geschmackspulver)
€8.99 *
Content: 0.12 kg (€74.92 / 1 kg)
€10.49 *
Content: 0.55 kg (€19.07 / 1 kg)
Zuckerarme Haferkekse mit Schokolade
€3.29 *
Content: 0.125 kg (€26.32 / 1 kg)
Zuckerarme Schokokuchen Backmischung
€5.99 *
Content: 0.35 kg (€17.11 / 1 kg)

Biscuits with xylitol - low-sugar snacking for do-it-yourself baking

Round, crunchy, healthy: biscuits and pastries with xylitol leave room for pure joy. With coffee, tea, as a reward or snack in between - we think: Biscuits always go! However, the sugar content of biscuits is usually quite high: around 9 lumps of sugar are contained in 100 g of conventional biscuits. Erythritol biscuits and xylitol biscuits - baking them yourself can be the solution to escape the sugar trap. Instead of household sugar, alternative sweeteners such as xylitol or erythritol can be used. If you are not blessed with the baker's gene, but don't want to do without low-sugar cookies, we recommend the Xucker crispy cookies. They are made without added sugar, but with 42% cocoa and crunchy oats. For snacking on the go, with coffee or tea or as a small reward. Oatmeal cookie recipes are all the rage with baking fans right now. It's no wonder, oatmeal contains lots of minerals and fiber, proteins and vitamins, giving cookies a kick not only in terms of taste. Oatmeal fans who are lazy about baking will love our Xucker Oatmeal Crispy Cookies: they have a high cocoa content, are low in sugar and contain fewer calories than conventional snacks. Of course, they also contain plenty of the "superfood" oats. In large quantities, they can help lower blood sugar and cholesterol levels. In addition, oats protect the mucous membranes of the digestive tract and provide lots of energy.

Healthy xylitol cookies from your own kitchen

Healthy biscuits without added sugar, vegan biscuits or gluten-free baking: if you want to decide for yourself what you eat, you would be well advised to bake your own. Because biscuits from the supermarket often contain unhealthy additives, especially sugar. There are many recipes for healthy biscuits that are free from added sugar. And even conventional recipes for biscuits or waffles can be adapted so that they do not get in the way of healthy eating. Sugar, for example, can be replaced with the sweetener xylitol. It has the same sweetening power as sugar, but is tooth-friendly and low in calories. Xylitol is also contained in the Xucker crunchy oat biscuits. Macaroons, cinnamon stars, vanilla crescents: every year, Christmas pastries tempt us. While in Germany the classics, alongside homemade Christmas cookies in the shape of a fir tree, heart or star, outdo the competition, palates from all over the world prefer completely different recipes at Christmas time. In Russia, people love "Kolachki", nuts in a dough coating. The Italians prefer "Cantuccini" with bitter almond flavour. In Sweden, "Pepparkakor" with coriander, ginger and cardamom have the cookie nose in front. And in Switzerland, the popular "Baseler Brunsli" are made with kirsch, among other things. Cheers!


BBQ Sauce (Erythrit)
€4.69 *
Content: 0.25 Liter (€18.76 / 1 Liter)
Tomatenketchup (Erythrit)
€3.99 *
Content: 0.5 Liter (€7.98 / 1 Liter)
€7.79 *
Content: 0.75 Liter (€10.39 / 1 Liter)
Weiße Schoko-Drops mit Xylit, klein
€5.69 *
Content: 0.2 kg (€28.45 / 1 kg)
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Xylit-Bonbons Eukalyptus Nachfüllpack (ohne Talkum)
€16.90 *
Content: 0.6 kg (€28.17 / 1 kg)
Xucker Bronxe tin (erythritol)
€14.99 *
Content: 1 kg (€14.99/ 1 kg)
Zuckerarme Nuss-Nougat Creme ohne Palmöl (Erythrit)
€7.49 *
Content: 0.3 kg (€24.97 / 1 kg)
Xylit-Schokolade Vollmilch mit Salz-Xaramell
€2.39 *
Content: 0.08 kg (€29.88 / 1 kg)
Xucker Basic Erythrit Beutel
€8.90 *
Content: 1 kg (€8.90/ 1 kg)
Crispy Chocolate Riegel
€1.99 *
Content: 0.04 kg (€49.75 / 1 kg)
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Bio Erythrit Schokoladen 2er-Set
€5.60 * €6.29* (10.97% saved)
Content: 0.2 kg (€28.00 / 1 kg)
Xylit-Kaugummis Fruchtmix Dose
€4.95 *
Content: 0.1 kg (€49.50 / 1 kg)
Xylit-Kaugummis Fruchtmix - Set mit Nachfüllpack
€25.79 *
Content: 0.7 kg (€36.84 / 1 kg)
Vegane Schoko-Drops Edelbitter mit Xylit, groß
€18.49 *
Content: 0.75 kg (€24.65 / 1 kg)
Xucker Light Nachfüllpack 4er-Set (Erythrit)
€32.29 *
Content: 4 kg (€8.07 / 1 kg)
Fruchtaufstrich Aprikose (75 % Frucht)
€3.99 *
Content: 0.22 kg (€18.14 / 1 kg)
Xylit-Schokolade Vollmilch (38 % Kakaoanteil)
€2.39 *
Content: 0.08 kg (€29.88 / 1 kg)

Individually packaged baked goods harm the environment

Biscuits are trendy: over the years, the biscuit has established itself as an on-the-go snack. Apart from the fact that the high sugar content of conventional biscuits does not necessarily qualify them as the healthiest snack, this has created an additional problem: Biscuits are increasingly packaged individually. Sure, the open biscuit packet in your bag causes trouble in the form of crumbs. But: individually wrapped biscuits in small quantities create vast amounts of packaging waste. Environmentally friendly packaging is (still) rare, so packaging the biscuits creates lots of plastic waste. We think it's better to have them all in one bag - just like our low-sugar biscuits!